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Concrete Cutting International has been in business since 1973 and is one of the oldest companies in southern California, providing services to both private and public sectors. CCI provides comprehensive range of services to industrial and commercial companies, medical and educational institutions, banking, transportation agencies, utilities and government agencies. Many of our clients are engaged in national industries, including manufacturing, health care, oil and gas development.

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We are capable of drilling holes from 1/2″ diameter up 48″ in diameter. Our large inventory of core bits allows for penetrating virtually limitless depths of concrete. Optional line drilling allows for practically any size round concrete penetrations in areas where overcuts or excessive concrete removal is not acceptable.


Wall Sawing provides the ability to perform precision cuts in any concrete wall, slab or structure to a finished depth 24″ inches from one side. This tool is capable of delivering sawcuts that need to be made at specific angles or rakes, inverted sawing. The wall saw is the preferred tool for sawcutting tilt up panels, or poured concrete walls or slabs where a precision opening is required.


Flat Sawing whether the job requires the use of gas, diesel or electrically powered equipment.
Gas / Diesel sawing to depths of 24”
Electric Sawing to depths of 10”


Hand sawing is a specialist piece of equipment to allow concrete cutting 8” in depth, in locations were Wall or Flat saws are unable to access.


Diamond wire sawing is the preferred method for sawcutting very large, thick sections of concrete such as are found in bascule piers, dams, and power or manufacturing plants. The design of the wire saw allows for penetrations of any dimension and virtually limitless depth both above and below water, and its unique cutting medium allows it to perform scopes of work that traditional sawing and drilling equipment cannot.


The Chainsaw / Ringsaw is used for precision cuts and penetrations through concrete floors and walls where overcuts are not allowed in the surrounding areas of concrete to remain.


CCI is a full service sawing and drilling company, which includes the removal and hauling of concrete debris from our work sites providing a turnkey package. Our professional staff has the equipment, experience and expertise to perform removals on any size project quickly and safely with a full range of concrete demolition tools, from air hammers to excavator equipped hydraulic rams to perform any impact demolition job, large or small.


OSHA/CAL-OSHA Confined Space Entry Training As Per 29 CFR 1910.146 And 8 CCR Sections 5156, 5157, & 5158
OSHA/CAL-OSHA Silica Awareness Training As Per 29 CFR 1926.1153 And 8 CCR Section 1532.3
Supplier Clearinghouse Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)
Department of General Services Small Business (SB)
Metro’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
Southern California Minority Supplier Council. NAICS Code(s): 236220; 237310; 236210; 238910


Concrete Cutting International maintains a rigorous Health and Safety Program that applies to each and every project in which we participate. We pride ourselves in our focus on safety in all our operations, as safety Is fundamental to our mission. All CCI employees are required to review our Safety Manual, actively participate in its execution, and conform to the most recent revision of the following regulations.

Osha Safety and Health Standards 29 CFR 110 (General Industry)
OSHA Safety and Health Standards 29 CFR 1926 (Construction Industry)
OSHA / Cal OSHA Silica Awareness Training as Per 29 CFR 1923.1153 and 8 CCR Section 1532.3
OSHA / Cal OSHA Confined Space Entry Training as Per 29 CFR 1910.146 & 8 CCR Sections 5156,5157,5158
OSHA Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response 29 CFR 1910.120
Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations, General Industry Safety Orders, General Industry Safety Orders, specifically 8 CCR§3203 and 8 CCR § 1509 injury and illness Prevention Program (for California operations)

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